Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Produk Kuruskan Badan Terbaik - Silver 8


Produk Kuruskan Badan Terbaik dari SAB


New hot product suitable for all. This product is super good. I share with you a picture of one of my family member as attached.
Harga satu kotak RM499 , ada 40 sachets. Just to share with you, one of the trader is a doctor and he highly recommend this product as he is taking it too. (Badan dia sangat cantik~~)
One of the trader even sold it to 4 clinics. Can you imagine, even doctors recommending Silver 8. The benefits of taking SILVER 8 :

· Akan burn your fat and increase muscle. According to doctor’s comment, kalau product tu boleh reduce fat and increase muscle, memang berkesan

· Tak payah tahan makan, can eat as usual

· It gives you energy

· It improves your biological age

· It is food based , can take for long term

· No usage of drugs

For more info on the product , can surf

God willing, you can feel the difference after drinking this product and you won’t be disappointed with the good effect that you will experience.

Please sms me to get my MAYBANK/CIMB account, the product will be courier to you. Will do the purchase upon payment.

For people outside KLCC (within Malaysia), please provide your mailing address for me to courier accordingly. Courier charges is FOC.

Drink It, See It , Share It…

Sila hubungi Khairuddin di talian 010.404.4700 atau Salmi di talian 012-2053077

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